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  • Ioana Spanache, PhD

    Ioana Spanache, PhD

    Evaluator, Mother, Wife .. | Searching for ways of integrating Data Science into evaluation and policy-making | https://www.linkedin.com/in/ioana-borcan

  • Liz Samson

    Liz Samson

    Creator. Thinker. Builder.

  • Charlene Negus Shemley

    Charlene Negus Shemley

  • Caithlin Palfrey

    Caithlin Palfrey

    Living, learning & working in the same space. Choosing simple changes that make a big difference. Practicing gratitude everyday. https://livelearntogether.co.uk

  • Nefissa And Mambo

    Nefissa And Mambo

    I am Egyptian, Cuban, New Yorkian and Christian all at the same time. I write articles based on childhood, race and religion to purge myself.

  • Marta Michalek

    Marta Michalek

    I'm a new mom, marketer, MBA, and advocate for self-love. I write about my experiences navigating this crazy world.

  • Sue Winters, RN and Doug Penta, MD

    Sue Winters, RN and Doug Penta, MD

    Publishers (Pregnancy, baby, and toddlers). Science and nature lovers. https://maternitycomfortsolutions.com/

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